Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MoM September 2011 opening event

You are invited to the event of the day! MoM – Month of Machinima welcomes the new films for September 2011.

When: September 7, 7 pm SL time
Where: LEA theater in Second Life – see SLurls below
Extra: This spectacular opening event will be filmed – so dress up! Be cool!
Extra Extra: Special announcement today!

You are welcome to bring your crew/friends/fans – and spread the news any way you can.

Lets fill the theater and celebrate this months films!

MoM has it s own YouTube account:
Soon after the openingsceremony the machinima’s will be included on the MoM YouTube playlist.

And, MoM's own promo:

All films are featured on, and Lapiscean Liberty will run the films for us!

Landing points for the LEA MoM Theater:


  1. Why are these events so europeunfriendly? 7PM is 4AM in central Europe..

  2. We started in May, the event was at 10 AM then. We run the films all month, and film the opening event too, so ppl can still watch it later. Hope that helps, Chantal.