Monday, September 27, 2010

48HFP machinima 2010 is done!

It is done, the 48HFP Machinima 2010 has been a exciting and unforgettable experience for all that were involved.

Teams produced under tremendous stress, and came up with machinima's of 4 to 8 minutes long, made from scratch within the 48 hours of the contest.
19 films made with the same character: Jack/Jackie - a Journalist, prop: water, and the line: “There is one thing I can do that you can’t" .... all done in a different genre, and all different. Amazing!

Lapiscean Liberty - who runs AviewTV, worked like mad to get the films online on time for the jury to watch them. He had his own 48 hour project....and did all the video streaming during the events. All films can be seen at his website.

Jayjay Zifanwe, and Taralyn Gravois - UWA, provided the venue and made the 48HFP feel very welcome.Do you know that you can go and see all the films, at the venue inworld? BOSL-UWA Theater

Moviestorm provided a prize for each and every person that entered the 48HFP Machinima, all got a voucher code that gives them a free month of Moviestorm, something that was cheered and greeted with great enthousiasme. Matt Kelland came to the screening event in Second Life and handed out the audience awards!

iClone provided the following prizes for the winner and runner ups:
3DXchange 4

Persia Bravin, UncleSlappy Wylie and Labella Farella - BOSL Radio, streamed all voice using skype, for the hosts, jury and teamleaders, during the screening events.

Hosts who helped us were Judi Newall and Taralyn Gravois, security people were Dawny Daviau, Kev Sweetwater and Doctor Gascoine.

A special word of thanks to the 48HFP Machinama jury of 2010.
Their task was not an easy one.
I am proud to say that they provided the teams with feedback and well deserved acknowledgement, recognising their hard work and efforts, and providing them with food for thought.
The opportunity to get feedback from Peter Greenaway was a huge one for machinimatographers, and welcomed.

Peter Greenaway's opening speech was a thought-provoking, passionate plea for machinima.
Phaylen Fairchild interviewed the teamleaders, passed on jury-feedback and helped me present the screening events. Thank you, Phaylen - I know this wasnt the easiest thing to do, and you did it so well!
Tom Jantol came to talk to the teams too, but a disasterous flooding in his home country made him go offline - Tom, we hope your damage is not as devastating as this picture suggests....

Tracy Harwood had lost her internetconnection for the whole of the weekend, and we all know how disastrous these things can be. She managed to send her jury notes to me, using her phone - and I am grateful she did.

Phil (Overman) Rice has offered the winner and runner ups to be screened at the 2010 Machinima Expo, a huge honour and opportunity.

Inworldz is building a venue, and will host all 21 machinima's. I had a peek while they were building, and it looks great!!! Their 48HFP Machinima plot looks like a drive in cinema - plenty of popcorn available (of course).

Twinity has offered to host the 21 machinima's too, and I will let all teams know when they run the films.

A special word of thanks, for the 48 Hour Film Project, for including machinima as one of their cities, and providing this wonderful opportunity for machinima.
And, thanks, Ben Guaraldi (Director of Outreach), for being there for me and the teams, answering many questions and supporting, endlessly.

The winning film was made by Stone Falcon Productions, and is called: "The Lake"

The Lake will represent the 48HFP Machinima at Filmapalooza, during the Miami Internation Film Festival 2011.

It was an honour to be the 48HFP Machinima Producer, and I hope to have contributed my best, for machinima. A contest always has only one winner, but by entering this - in my opinion best-film-contest-available - project, everybody is a winner. We learned a lot, worked hard, and will continue to grow.

Thanks to sponsors and volunteers, jury, organisation and audience, the 48 Hour Film Project Machinima 2010 was awesome!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Winners and Awards announced for 48HFP Machinima 2010

Best graphics: Make me Wet, Rediculous Sandwich Studios

Best special effects: SB1070, team War Technica

Best Cinematography: Anemone, team M4AS22

Best sound design: The Real Thing, team Dream Machine

Best acting: The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best directing: the Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best editing: SB1070, team War Technica

Best use of prop: The lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best use of line of dialogue: draw: The Nihilist, Grey Matter Films - The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Best concept: Make me Wet, Rediculous Sandwich Studios

Best musical score: The Real Thing, team Dream Machine

Best costumes: draw: Rough Romance, Metaverse Television and Changes, Nicole X Group

Most unique character: It was a Difficult Question, team Tough Question

Best choreography: You Dont Know Jack Schmidt, Fluent Media Productions

Audience awards go to: Running Lady Productions, Cruise Control – IdeaJuice Studios, WET – Metaverse Television, Rough Romance.

2nd runner up: The Shadows, Machinimatrix

Runner up: Nihilist, Grey Matter Films

Winner: The Lake, Stone Falcon Productions

Monday, September 20, 2010

48 HFP Machinima: 19 teams.

Here are the 19 teams that made it to the 48HFP Machinima contest 2010:

Jewell Theatre - 48HourFilm (roadmovie)
M4SK22 - Anemone (doppelganger/time travel movie)
Machinimatrix - The Shadows (horror)
Metaverse Television - Rough Romance (romance)
Sound'r - The Other Door (buddy)
WarTechnica - SB1070 (sci-fi)
Fluent Media Productions - You Dont Know Jack Schmidt (silent movie)
Tough Question - It was a Difficult Question (western-musical)
NicolleX Group - Changes (fantasy)
Grey Matter Films - Nihilist (film noire)
IdeaJuice Studios - Wet (buddy)
In Limbo - Within you, Without you (sci-fi)
Insomaniacs - Beyond Sundown (drama)
Machinimart - Doublewalker (doppelganger/time travel movie)
Rediculous Sandwich Studios - Make me Wet (mockumentary)
Stone Falcon Productions - The Lake (horror)
Dream Machine - TheRealThing (musical - western)
Moondust Films - Unforeseen (film de femme)
Ninja Bandits - Quantum Warrior (romance)

2 More teams made it just outside the deadline,and will be included in the screenings (not the contest) in Second Life, Twinity, Inworldz, and at AviewTV.

At this very moment the jury is watching the films.

Thursday the 23rd of September, winners and awards will be announced by our jury. After this, all the films will be available for 2 weeks in the UWA-BOSL theater - so grab your chance and watch some of the finest 48HFP entries available. Bring your friends!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Genres, prop, line and character are........



Jackie or Jack Schmidt



Line of Dialogue

“There is one thing I can do that you can’t.”

The teams and the genres they drew:

 Horror - Machinimatrix
 Film noir - Grey Matter Films
 Road movie - Jewell Theatre
 Sci fi - WarTechnica
 Buddy film - IdeaJuice Studios
 Silent film - Fluent Media Productions
 Romance - Metaverse Television
 Fantasy - NicolleX Group
 Musical or western - Tough Question
 Film de femme - Running Ladies Productions
 Romance - Ninja Bandits
 Buddy film - Sound’r
 Film de femme - Moondust Films
 Sci fi - In Limbo
 Mockumentary - Rediculous Sandwich Studios
 Musical or western - Dream Machine
 Drama - Insomaniacs
 Horror - Stone Falcon Productions
 Dark Comedy - Kamachina Productions
 Time Travel or Doppelganger - M4SK22
 Time Travel or Doppelganger - Machinimart

Friday, September 17, 2010

Machinima Filmmakers Take to the Streets

This weekend, 300 filmmakers from Machinima are making films in the 48 Hour Film Project! These films will screen at the UWA-Bosl Theater in Second Life.

Here are some important notes for the machinimatographers:

There are still a few slots available in the Machinima 48HFP. Sign up your team here:

Register for Machinima now!

The KICKOFF is: September 17, at 6 pm Pacific time.

22 Teams, 300 people from many countries all over the world, will engage in a wild, sleepless weekend, during which they will make a movie ---- write, shoot, edit and score it. From scratch. In 48 hours.

After the weekend, while the teams catch up on sleep and food .... the 48HFP Machinima Jury goes to work. Our jury is:

* Peter Greenaway
* Dr. Tracy Harwood
* Phaylen Fairchild
* Tom Jantol

So, stay tuned, follow the teams and come to the screening event on the 23rd of September - at 1pm and 7pm Pacific time, in Second Life - see the films, meet the teams, and listen to the jury.

Our sponsors are:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet & Greet 48HFPmachinima on September 14, 2010

Some Q & A from the meet & greet:

*Winner last year was?
2009: Ring of False God
By Matthew Hahn and Jorge Campos

Interview with Maththew Hahn, last years winner:

*How do I join the 48HFP Second Life group?
Send me a message when you see me online (or email) and i will invite you in.

*Do people have to sign their rl names on the paperwork?
Yes. I offer people a direct line to me, if they dont want their teamleader to see their rl details, email to me but the responsibility lies with the teamleader always.

*Are all events in this theater/location?

* theres a nose coming out of my ear please get a pic quick!
OK. (AnimaTechnica Umbarundu: hi flimsey, seeing as either i am sitting on you or you are sitting on me, might as well be friends.)

*To view films here, what do i do?
Get the latest quicktime, and go into your preferences and stop automatic streaming music and film. Enable voice. Ask Chantal Harvey for help, later.
Click the player icon on your taskbar to start a film. Do NOT click the screen itself.

*How are the films shown?
We work with AviewTV, which is Lapiscean Liberty's wonderful magic for the 48HFPmachinima 2010.

*How do i get rid of the nametags above the avatars?
In windows: control, alt and F1 --->will toggle them off and back on again
On a Mac: command, alt and F1

*should i film in 1280x720?
That is a wise thing to do. 720p is the standard format. Upload a test....

*what if my testfile takes a long time to upload, what can I do?
Encode it - it has to be encoded with H264 or sorenson for MOV , cinepak or DivX for AVI
test test test....
(create a one minute test film.. look at the file size after.. if it's bigger than 20 or 30 MB you aren't encoding it)

*Will there be more then 1 runner up?

*Starting the upload at 7.30pm is not enough, it has to be IN at 7.30pm?

*When we ask for a wildcard, must we use that or can we go back to the original drawn genre?
No. And, wildcards are handed out after the teams get their stuff, so you will have to wait till last.

*How is the draw done?
I make numbered envelopes, and teamleader (or assistent) calls a number.....If all teamleaders are there, I could hand out notecards.

*Can I make more then one film?

*Can there be swear words or smoking?
Hmmm. Use your judgement, (or beeps), no sex, jury might or might not like it. Be careful.

*Can you clarify which form an actor needs to sign, which one a musical scorer needs to sign or does everybody sign all?
Waiver and release. All to be found on website and in my information email.

*What if I compose the music myself, do I sign myself?

*How about creative commons for music?
It depends on the license. The 48HFP license is incompatible with the CC lisence, as submitting an entry to the 48HFPcontest restricts where it can be shown (at least the first year) so it is incompatible with CC. You cannot use:use and share alike. On the other hand, you can use CC lisence that allows for commercial use.

Mewsic Bing: I really suggest you do read through all the information on the 48 hour film project website, it may be dry but it does answer all your questions and more importantly you won't get any surprises when it's too late, you will not have the time to read up on this stuff once the project has started, (and if you do you're not trying hard enough ;) )

Thank you, Mewsic Bing :-D

People offer their music to the teams at this point.

***LANCE Rembrandt: i have tons of orginal scores and music and full songs
***I also have a music archive that anyone can take from lizsolo Mathilde: :): - still fixing my code, but lots there
*** Slim Warrior also offers music for the 48HFPmachinima, contact her.

*Do I still own my film after entering it?
Of course. You are giving rights to the 48HFP for a limited period. Please check the rules on the website. Because the 48HFP is constantly working on distribution outlets for the films, especially in the first year, our Team Leader's Agreement does restrict what you can do and when you can do it.

Do NOT put your film anywhere online before the screening on September 23, 2010.

*Rehab afterwards?
How about a great big afterparty at this location?

*Is there a list of what the genres might be?

*What is buddy film?
All the genres can be googled...please do, I stongly recommend.

*Is there a grace period if you don't make the dead-line due to weather?
Films have to be on our server at 7.30 pm, pacific time, September 19th. Films that are uploaded late, will still be screened, but won't enter the contest.

Monday, September 13, 2010

20 teams in 48HFPmachinima 2010

Registered Teams:

Dream Machine, Liz Solo
fluent media productions, Flimsey Freenote
Grey Matter Films, Penumbra Carter
Ideajuice Studios, Peter Patterson
In Limbo, Rollo Girando
Insomaniacs, MATTHEW HAHN
Jewell Theatre, Fake Jewell
Kamachinima Production, Ariane Dupleich
M4SK 22, David Moss
Machinimart, Gabe Salgado
Machinimatrix, Hussayn Dabbous
Metaverse Television, Dousa Dragonash
Moondust Films, Levio Serenity
NicoleX Group, NicoleX Moonwall
Pookymedia, Pooky Amsterdam
Rediculous Sandwich Studios, John Navilliat
Running Lady Productions and Suzy's..., K. DaVette See
Sound'r, Andre Engelhardt
Stone Falcon Productions, Jun Falkenstein
War Technica, Gabe Achanzar

Saturday, September 11, 2010

6 days left to subscribe now

The jury of this years machinima contest has welcomed mr. Peter Greenaway to be head of jury.

Peter Greenaway has recognised machinima as a new and innovative way of filmmaking, and has been known to proclaim that the future of film lies in computergenerated filming.
To have him not only be part of our jury, but willing to hand out the awards and announce the winners, is a huge opportunity for machinimatographers. Real life feedback is a recognition for machinima and a serious sign of the brand entering the stage of international filmmaking.

To sign up for the 48HFPmachinima, which takes place coming weekend, 17 – 19 September 2010, go to
24 Teams can enter, and now only 6 slots left.

Our Judges
We are proud to announce our judges for the 2010 Machinima 48HFP. They are:
Peter Greenaway, Filmmaker (8½ Women; The Pillow Book; The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover)
Dr. Tracy Harwood, Professor, The Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester, England
Tom Jantol, Machinima Artist
Phaylen Fairchild, Machinimatographer, blogger, and writer

The winning machinima will screen with the 48HFP City Winners at the next Filmapalooza at the Miami International Film Festival. Also, there are cash prizes for the winning films!
The 10 best films at Filmapalooza go to……....(drumroll)...Cannes.

Furthermore, we have found sponsors handing out software prizes to the teams, please go to our website for information:

So grab your chance to be a part of this years 48HFP machinima, lets write history and show the World what machinima can be.

For any information, please do not hesitate and contact me, I will be glad to help.

Lets make movies!

Chantal Harvey
Producer 48 Hour Film Project machinima

Friday, September 10, 2010

7 days left till the 48 Hour Film Project machinima kickoff.

7 days left till the 48 Hour Film Project machinima kickoff.

If you were thinking about entering, do not wait any longer and go to and be part of the 48HFPmachinima 2010.

Yesterday, the outreach director of the 48HFP, mr. Ben Guaraldi aka Zaddik Zerbino – came to Second Life to inspect the 48HFP theater.
Soon after that, the instruction emails have been send out to the 17 teams that entered this years contest.
The teamleaders are now invited to do the paperwork, and to do a testupload to our servers. Let the buzz begin!!!

Teams are: (24 can enter, 7 slots available)

Grey Matter Films, Penumbra Carter
Ideajuice Studios, Peter Patterson
In Limbo, Rollo Girando
Insomaniacs, MATTHEW HAHN
Jewell Theatre, Fake Jewell
Kamachinima Production, Ariane Dupleich
M4SK 22, David Moss
Machinimart, Gabe Salgado
Machinimatrix, Hussayn Dabbous
Metaverse Television, Dousa Dragonash
Pookymedia, Pooky Amsterdam
Rediculous Sandwich Studios, John Navilliat
Running Lady Productions and Suzy's..., K. DaVette See
Sound'r, Andre Engelhardt
Stone Falcon Productions, Jun Falkenstein
team machine, Liz Solo
War Technica, Gabe Achanzar

Jury of the 48HFP machinima 2010 is:

Peter Greenaway - Filmmaker
Phaylen Fairchild – Machinimatographer, blogger, writer
Dr. Tracy Harwood- academic, 1st European Machinima Festival
Tom Jamtol – Film Director, author of Anymation

The screening of the films, after which the winners and awards are announced, will be September 23, 2010, at 1 pm and at 7 pm Pacific Time.
This spectacular event will be in SecondLife, in the UWA-Bosl Theater.
Press and guests are welcome to join the teams there, this link will bring you there.

Mr. Peter Greenaway, as head of jury, will speak to the teams and provide feedback, jury will be present at the event.

For information and for entering the contest go here.

Chantal Harvey
Machinima Producer 48 Hour Film Project