Thursday, August 4, 2011

The MoM films for August are.....

Here are the 11 films that are part of Month Of Machinima August 2011 (theme was architecture and design)

Theme for September is: Seasons. (be creative, think art...)
Submit your films here (deadline is the 10th)

Osprey Therian – Off the Wall
Hypatia Pickens – What Isn’t Underneath
JoseMaria Sunflower – Democratia Virtual Ya!
Draxtor Despres – The Kansas to Cairo Project Part#2
Penumbra Carter – Relevant Search
Bleu Oleander – The house That Self Built
Urban Steampunk – Copy Design
Hypatia Pickens – Two Ways of Looking at You
Natascha Randt – Alhambra – The last day of the Moorish rulership
Glasz DeCuir – Street Corner
Pyewacket Bellman – AM Radio

Thanks to Linden Lab for their support for machinima, and hosting Copy Design by Urban Steampunk on their website! YAY! (congrats, Urban!)

MoM has it s own YouTube account and playlist.
Soon after the openingsceremony the machinima’s will be included on the MoM YouTube playlist, on, - and the opening event was filmed and will be posted there too.

Watch all MoM films on aViewTV

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