Saturday, March 31, 2012


Tony Dyson - Heading Judging Panel.
The man behind Star Wars R2-D2. The versatile Emmy nominated Film SFX supervisor is the creative genius at the helm of many of the biggest SCI-FI movies to date. Among them are Superman 2, Moon Raker, Dragon Slayer, and of course, The Empire Strikes Back. “Chev. Anthony John Dyson obss”

Sean Callinan - Head Teacher of Animation & Game Design - JMC Academy, Sydney Australia.

Paul Nunes - Is a 10 year film industry veteran currently Producer of feature film The 5th Shadow. He has Masters in Digital Media from COFA and is Sound Designer on Dystopia and Blade Symphony from Puny Human. Chris Howlett - Australian Contemporary Art,

Dan Graf - Master of Arts (Digital Media - Animation), Australian Film Television & Radio School, Bachelor of Creative Industries, Honours: Communication Design - Animation. Former Head of IGDA, Sydney Chapter. He will also make comments of each film.

Trace Sanderson - (aka Lainy Voom) – Award winning British Machinima Artist. Her work has been seen in art galleries and film festivals globally. It is her aim to promote machinima as an artform. She is joint creator of The Virtual Build Archive, which documents innovative and beautiful builds within the world of Second Life, as well as running a machinima arts magazine, The Fallopian.

Phaylen Fairchild - Filmmaker, Comedian, Screenwriter, Virtual Girl! – Machinima Producer, Writer, Director, Virtual World Community Initiatives Consultant, Podcaster and Blogger, Presentor.
Creator of the DiVAS machinima series, and movies like Harbinger -

Chantal Harvey
Tom Papas
Producers Project 48Machinima

elements for the 48HFPmachinima 2012

The Project48machinima has started now in all 3 regions!

The prop, character and line have to be included in the movies, and the filmmakers have 48 hours to make that movie and upload it to our 48HFPservers....

The prop for all regions is: a STAR

Australia has the following character and line:
Morgan Magoo, Magician
"Go ahead, make my day."

Europe has the following character and line:
Dana Dandeo, Dietician
"I'll have what she's having."

USA has the following character and line:
Casey Cooper, Car dealer
"I'll be back."

Wishing the teams good luck,

Chantal Harvey and Tom Papas
producers 48machinima 2012.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winners 48HFPmachinima

The 48HFPmachinima started in 2007.

Winners through the years were:

2007: Second Life Zombie Attack - Team CADE

2008: Moviestorm Medieval Dating - The Adventures of Luke and Joe

2009: Moviestorm Ring of False God - Jorge Campos & Matthew Hahn

2010: World of Warcraft The Lake – Stone Falcon Productions

2011: Second Life The Lucid Journey – Jewell Theatre

To enter the 2012 contest go HERE

Genres 48HFPmachinima 2012

The genres for 2012 for the Project48Machinima are:

At the Kickoff Event, each team draws one of these genres by choosing a number.
Each number correspondents with a numbered (sealed) envelope.
The draw is done in Second Life, so teamleaders are required to create an avatar and be present at the kickoff, on March 30, 7 pm.
NB: You can choose which kickoff: USA (San Francisco)- Australia (Sydney) - European (Amsterdam)
After genres have been selected, filmmakers will be given the option to trade in their genre for a Wild Card Genre. Once you switch, you can't switch back!

•Dark Comedy
•Film de Femme (see below)
•Musical or Western
•Sci Fi
•Vacation or Holiday Film

If you are the lucky team that draws Musical or Western, you have the choice of making either a Musical or a Western. Or a Musical Western. (Or even a Western Musical!)

As machinima depends for a greater part on voice-work, we are not including the Silent Genre for machinima.

Your film must be true to the genre you have selected—and no trading with other teams! You may combine genres (e.g., a silent comedic buddy film).

2012 Wild Card Genres will be chosen from these:

•Adventure Serial
•Buddy Film
•Coming of Age
•Family Film
•Period Piece
•Road Movie
•Time Travel Movie

Film de Femme
Never heard of a Film de Femme? That's because we invented it! This genre is specifically designed by the 48HFP to encourage strong roles for females in 48HFP films. A Film de Femme is a film featuring one or more strong female characters. Romantic comedies or "chick flicks" are included in this genre, but are only a subset.
What's a strong female character? Think Ellen Page in Juno, Salma Hayek in Frida, Reese Witherspoon in Election, or Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich. Smart and complicated. Try to avoid having a woman doing a man's job like a man would do his job. And contrary to public opinion, strong women characters are not required to kill someone!

Project48Machinima 2012 has 3 timezones you can enter

The Project48Machinima has set up 3 timezones you can choose from, when you enter this awesome competition.

Previous years, we stuck to the 7 pm on Fridaynight, as the kicked off time.
In 2012, we will do just that - but as Machinima is an International Virtual City - we are making it a bit easier for filmmakers around the world to enter.

The timezones you can choose from are:

USA - PAC/PDT (San Francisco)
Australia - EDT (Sydney)
Europe - CET (Amsterdam)

World Clock

And yes, we know that Machinima is happening during the weekend that summertime kicks in, we are sticking to the name of the game: you have 48 hours to make a movie.

Chantal Harvey and Tom Papas

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3,000 dollar machinima contest


Digital filmmakers chase big money today as Tom Papas and Chantal Harvey, producers of 48machinima, announce the largest cash prize for a Machinima competition.

International filmmakers will be united with the single purpose of completing a short Machinima film in just 48 hours.

Through the manipulation of computer based technology Machinima forms a film medium that combines animation and game development, allowing filmmakers to create animated films in a virtual 3D environment. Unlike other forms of film Machinima is widely accessed by the online, international gaming community.

This March, Machinima enthusiasts around the world will work furiously from 7pm on Friday the 30th of March until 7pm on Sunday the 1st of April. Each team will write, edit and shoot a short film, assisted only by a designated character, prop, and line of dialogue.

As the project can be accessed globally online, expectations are set high with a $3000 first place cash prize raising the stakes. 48machinima will be hosted in Australia in partnership with the Casula Powerhouse which will sponsor both cash prizes. The local prize of $1000, however, will be open exclusively to the South Western Sydney Region Machinima market. However, regardless of the cash prize incentives, all participants work towards the production of a successful film that will be screened at the International Filmapalooza held in L.A. 2013, which will mark the opportunity for screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

For those eager filmmakers who are interested in participating, the 48machinima team registration fee is $48. Participants can register at
With a hope to inspire international talent the 48 Hour Festival established 48machinima as an international film competition that will take place in over 100 cities around the world.

Resembling film within the new medium of a computer game, 48machinima will exhaust both artistic and cultural talent within a 48 hour time frame. The genre’s convergence of filmmaking, animation and game development should allow room for a broad range of results, uniting international participants with its singular 48 hour time constraint.