Monday, March 9, 2009

MMIF on Metaverse TV

Today, Metaverse TV shows an interview done by Vijay Saeed, one hour before the actual festival started. will take you to their newsshow, and the item starts around approx. 7 minutes.

For foto's by Planetart, showing the rl part in Amsterdam, go to:

(the one that spots Ze Moo for me gets a bonus)...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Festival was a huge succes

the MMIF festival on Feb.28, 2009, was a huge succes. Nearly all machinima makers attended, some with their crew and cast, and many friends came. Tim raised the sim limit to 100 - and 99 came! So, no idea why people were complaining that they couldnt get in (lol). For a full 6 hours, the sim was busy. Opening was done by Lauren Weyland, and yours truly.

Each hour was hosted by celebs from machinima-society, who joined me on stage:
* Lauren Weyland
* Judi Newall
* Evie Fairchaild
* Poid Mahovlich and Dizzy Banjo
* Rafale Kamachi
* Phaylen Fairchild

Some Lindens came, and machinimatographors from all over the world celebrated each and every film. Asking questions, sharing - All I ever intended to do with this festival is creating a strong machinima community - as it is a lonely occupation... So: we succeeded i believe. Since the festival, several projects started amongst filmmakers.

The real life part rocked - as hard we did in Second Life: the PlanetArt building in Amsterdam was packed! Ze Moo and Starshine Halasy showed us images of the loaction tru a connected webcam, so yes - sl was watching rl! Big virtual brother was watching, and all the machinima s were watched in rl too. They were excited about the quality of the machinima s shown. Some were done in Halflife, some in Poser and Iclone, most in Second Life. Such quality!
And, how different are our approaches.

It was busy, so busy that I never noticed that a bunch of griefers came to the filmplot - and heard afterwards that they came - sat down - and watched the films. LOL! That, summons the event.

For full report and details visit: