Thursday, September 8, 2011

MoM September 2011 - here are the films

8 films are part of Month Of Machinima September 2011 (theme was: Seasons).

The opening event was September 7, 2011 - and it was even more fun this month.
Many came to see the films, and for the first time we had L1aura Loire interviewing the filmers between the showing of the machinima's. That certainly added to the event, and many questions came from the audience. L1 and myself did a joined presentation, and the event was filmed - stay tuned for a small impression that will be hosted on MoM You Tube account asap.

A unique service that MoM provides to Second Life residents that visit the theater, is that watching the films is enabled in all viewers. This service is provided by AviewTV, thanks to Lapiscean Liberty.All films show on their website, too!

Theme for Oktober is: four elements. (be creative, think art...)
Somebody in the crowd mentioned 4 elephants --- well, we dare you!

Submit your films here (deadline is the 15th)

As LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) we are proud to announce that there now is a machinima sim available to the filmers that submit their films to MoM.
The Machinima sim (set to adult) is hosting 8 studio’s, and these will be randomly appointed amongst each months submissions, (we trow numbers in a hat and make a draw). Your film does not have to be chosen for showcasing in MoM to be part of this, all entries in MoM have an equal chance to get a monthly plot.
Plots are assigned for one month. The filmer that gets a plot is responsible for their plot, which beholds 1000 prims per studio, and for good neighbourly behavior. LEA/MoM members will have the right to end the use of a studio before the end of the assigned period.

These are the films showcasing in MoM September 2011:

Chaffrro Schoonmaker
- Unknowable Isles
Ian PahuteAll You Need Is Now
Hunk Hausner - Curves
Bleu OleanderA Pesto For All Seasons
Chic AeonNature of Elements
Pooky AmsterdamWhy Now? Diversity Tolerance Footprint
Rafale KamachiLove me Tender
Iono AllenVisualizing Theorem at UTSA

MoM has it s own YouTube account and playlist.
Soon after the openingsceremony the machinima’s will be included on the MoM YouTube playlist, on

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