Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in Town

I totally neglected my Mamachinima blog - the old excuse that I was too busy will get me off the hook? Too busy reading other people 's blogs?

What did i do since the MMIF festival....

* filming filming editing uploading - see for proove...

* Been attending Metameets 2009 in Amsterdam as a speaker, hope to put that online asap. Afterparty Metameets is showing:
and the conference was a huge succes.

* Finally putting a last bit of work into the Dark Machinima.....will be online later this week.

* Been filming with CodeWarrior Carling: Rafale Kamachi's wonderful short story: White Roses.

* Started a series of 100 machinima 's, each of them showing 1 minute of art. 1minART is the title, i posted them on flicr too!

* And yes, got hooked on Twitter too.....find me there under Mamachinima and stay tuned.