Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MMIF festival 2011 is coming!

MaMachinima International Festival is an annual mixed media event, that intends to provide a platform for the very best machinima of our time.

The MMIF is a festival for the art of machinima.

Not a contest, no awards, but an excellent way of sharing your machinima with an international community.
Machinimatographers of all platforms and engines are invited to submit their best work.
The MMIF was initiated in 2009 by Dutch machinimatographer Chantal Harvey, aiming to create a community of machinimatographers around the world.
The festival is simultanuously held in Amsterdam (NL), Second Life®, and streamed on the internet.

Machinimatographers are invited to come to Amsterdam and/or to Second Life®, and will be provided with the opportunity to answer questions, to talk about their work with a global audience.

Http://MMIF.org 2011 happens on June 17 and 18.
This year, MMIF is working with http://Metameets.com