Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet & Greet 48HFPmachinima on September 14, 2010

Some Q & A from the meet & greet:

*Winner last year was?
2009: Ring of False God
By Matthew Hahn and Jorge Campos

Interview with Maththew Hahn, last years winner:

*How do I join the 48HFP Second Life group?
Send me a message when you see me online (or email) and i will invite you in.

*Do people have to sign their rl names on the paperwork?
Yes. I offer people a direct line to me, if they dont want their teamleader to see their rl details, email to me but the responsibility lies with the teamleader always.

*Are all events in this theater/location?

* theres a nose coming out of my ear please get a pic quick!
OK. (AnimaTechnica Umbarundu: hi flimsey, seeing as either i am sitting on you or you are sitting on me, might as well be friends.)

*To view films here, what do i do?
Get the latest quicktime, and go into your preferences and stop automatic streaming music and film. Enable voice. Ask Chantal Harvey for help, later.
Click the player icon on your taskbar to start a film. Do NOT click the screen itself.

*How are the films shown?
We work with AviewTV, which is Lapiscean Liberty's wonderful magic for the 48HFPmachinima 2010.

*How do i get rid of the nametags above the avatars?
In windows: control, alt and F1 --->will toggle them off and back on again
On a Mac: command, alt and F1

*should i film in 1280x720?
That is a wise thing to do. 720p is the standard format. Upload a test....

*what if my testfile takes a long time to upload, what can I do?
Encode it - it has to be encoded with H264 or sorenson for MOV , cinepak or DivX for AVI
test test test....
(create a one minute test film.. look at the file size after.. if it's bigger than 20 or 30 MB you aren't encoding it)

*Will there be more then 1 runner up?

*Starting the upload at 7.30pm is not enough, it has to be IN at 7.30pm?

*When we ask for a wildcard, must we use that or can we go back to the original drawn genre?
No. And, wildcards are handed out after the teams get their stuff, so you will have to wait till last.

*How is the draw done?
I make numbered envelopes, and teamleader (or assistent) calls a number.....If all teamleaders are there, I could hand out notecards.

*Can I make more then one film?

*Can there be swear words or smoking?
Hmmm. Use your judgement, (or beeps), no sex, jury might or might not like it. Be careful.

*Can you clarify which form an actor needs to sign, which one a musical scorer needs to sign or does everybody sign all?
Waiver and release. All to be found on website and in my information email.

*What if I compose the music myself, do I sign myself?

*How about creative commons for music?
It depends on the license. The 48HFP license is incompatible with the CC lisence, as submitting an entry to the 48HFPcontest restricts where it can be shown (at least the first year) so it is incompatible with CC. You cannot use:use and share alike. On the other hand, you can use CC lisence that allows for commercial use.

Mewsic Bing: I really suggest you do read through all the information on the 48 hour film project website, it may be dry but it does answer all your questions and more importantly you won't get any surprises when it's too late, you will not have the time to read up on this stuff once the project has started, (and if you do you're not trying hard enough ;) )

Thank you, Mewsic Bing :-D

People offer their music to the teams at this point.

***LANCE Rembrandt: i have tons of orginal scores and music and full songs
***I also have a music archive that anyone can take from lizsolo Mathilde: :): - still fixing my code, but lots there
*** Slim Warrior also offers music for the 48HFPmachinima, contact her.

*Do I still own my film after entering it?
Of course. You are giving rights to the 48HFP for a limited period. Please check the rules on the website. Because the 48HFP is constantly working on distribution outlets for the films, especially in the first year, our Team Leader's Agreement does restrict what you can do and when you can do it.

Do NOT put your film anywhere online before the screening on September 23, 2010.

*Rehab afterwards?
How about a great big afterparty at this location?

*Is there a list of what the genres might be?

*What is buddy film?
All the genres can be googled...please do, I stongly recommend.

*Is there a grace period if you don't make the dead-line due to weather?
Films have to be on our server at 7.30 pm, pacific time, September 19th. Films that are uploaded late, will still be screened, but won't enter the contest.

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