Monday, September 20, 2010

48 HFP Machinima: 19 teams.

Here are the 19 teams that made it to the 48HFP Machinima contest 2010:

Jewell Theatre - 48HourFilm (roadmovie)
M4SK22 - Anemone (doppelganger/time travel movie)
Machinimatrix - The Shadows (horror)
Metaverse Television - Rough Romance (romance)
Sound'r - The Other Door (buddy)
WarTechnica - SB1070 (sci-fi)
Fluent Media Productions - You Dont Know Jack Schmidt (silent movie)
Tough Question - It was a Difficult Question (western-musical)
NicolleX Group - Changes (fantasy)
Grey Matter Films - Nihilist (film noire)
IdeaJuice Studios - Wet (buddy)
In Limbo - Within you, Without you (sci-fi)
Insomaniacs - Beyond Sundown (drama)
Machinimart - Doublewalker (doppelganger/time travel movie)
Rediculous Sandwich Studios - Make me Wet (mockumentary)
Stone Falcon Productions - The Lake (horror)
Dream Machine - TheRealThing (musical - western)
Moondust Films - Unforeseen (film de femme)
Ninja Bandits - Quantum Warrior (romance)

2 More teams made it just outside the deadline,and will be included in the screenings (not the contest) in Second Life, Twinity, Inworldz, and at AviewTV.

At this very moment the jury is watching the films.

Thursday the 23rd of September, winners and awards will be announced by our jury. After this, all the films will be available for 2 weeks in the UWA-BOSL theater - so grab your chance and watch some of the finest 48HFP entries available. Bring your friends!

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