Monday, September 13, 2010

20 teams in 48HFPmachinima 2010

Registered Teams:

Dream Machine, Liz Solo
fluent media productions, Flimsey Freenote
Grey Matter Films, Penumbra Carter
Ideajuice Studios, Peter Patterson
In Limbo, Rollo Girando
Insomaniacs, MATTHEW HAHN
Jewell Theatre, Fake Jewell
Kamachinima Production, Ariane Dupleich
M4SK 22, David Moss
Machinimart, Gabe Salgado
Machinimatrix, Hussayn Dabbous
Metaverse Television, Dousa Dragonash
Moondust Films, Levio Serenity
NicoleX Group, NicoleX Moonwall
Pookymedia, Pooky Amsterdam
Rediculous Sandwich Studios, John Navilliat
Running Lady Productions and Suzy's..., K. DaVette See
Sound'r, Andre Engelhardt
Stone Falcon Productions, Jun Falkenstein
War Technica, Gabe Achanzar

1 comment:

  1. Hi there wonder if you wouldn't mind clarifying something for us. We are one of the entrants for this years comp - does the 48hrwaiver release form need to be signed in our relalife name or can we use our secondlife names

    thnx in advance