Monday, September 27, 2010

48HFP machinima 2010 is done!

It is done, the 48HFP Machinima 2010 has been a exciting and unforgettable experience for all that were involved.

Teams produced under tremendous stress, and came up with machinima's of 4 to 8 minutes long, made from scratch within the 48 hours of the contest.
19 films made with the same character: Jack/Jackie - a Journalist, prop: water, and the line: “There is one thing I can do that you can’t" .... all done in a different genre, and all different. Amazing!

Lapiscean Liberty - who runs AviewTV, worked like mad to get the films online on time for the jury to watch them. He had his own 48 hour project....and did all the video streaming during the events. All films can be seen at his website.

Jayjay Zifanwe, and Taralyn Gravois - UWA, provided the venue and made the 48HFP feel very welcome.Do you know that you can go and see all the films, at the venue inworld? BOSL-UWA Theater

Moviestorm provided a prize for each and every person that entered the 48HFP Machinima, all got a voucher code that gives them a free month of Moviestorm, something that was cheered and greeted with great enthousiasme. Matt Kelland came to the screening event in Second Life and handed out the audience awards!

iClone provided the following prizes for the winner and runner ups:
3DXchange 4

Persia Bravin, UncleSlappy Wylie and Labella Farella - BOSL Radio, streamed all voice using skype, for the hosts, jury and teamleaders, during the screening events.

Hosts who helped us were Judi Newall and Taralyn Gravois, security people were Dawny Daviau, Kev Sweetwater and Doctor Gascoine.

A special word of thanks to the 48HFP Machinama jury of 2010.
Their task was not an easy one.
I am proud to say that they provided the teams with feedback and well deserved acknowledgement, recognising their hard work and efforts, and providing them with food for thought.
The opportunity to get feedback from Peter Greenaway was a huge one for machinimatographers, and welcomed.

Peter Greenaway's opening speech was a thought-provoking, passionate plea for machinima.
Phaylen Fairchild interviewed the teamleaders, passed on jury-feedback and helped me present the screening events. Thank you, Phaylen - I know this wasnt the easiest thing to do, and you did it so well!
Tom Jantol came to talk to the teams too, but a disasterous flooding in his home country made him go offline - Tom, we hope your damage is not as devastating as this picture suggests....

Tracy Harwood had lost her internetconnection for the whole of the weekend, and we all know how disastrous these things can be. She managed to send her jury notes to me, using her phone - and I am grateful she did.

Phil (Overman) Rice has offered the winner and runner ups to be screened at the 2010 Machinima Expo, a huge honour and opportunity.

Inworldz is building a venue, and will host all 21 machinima's. I had a peek while they were building, and it looks great!!! Their 48HFP Machinima plot looks like a drive in cinema - plenty of popcorn available (of course).

Twinity has offered to host the 21 machinima's too, and I will let all teams know when they run the films.

A special word of thanks, for the 48 Hour Film Project, for including machinima as one of their cities, and providing this wonderful opportunity for machinima.
And, thanks, Ben Guaraldi (Director of Outreach), for being there for me and the teams, answering many questions and supporting, endlessly.

The winning film was made by Stone Falcon Productions, and is called: "The Lake"

The Lake will represent the 48HFP Machinima at Filmapalooza, during the Miami Internation Film Festival 2011.

It was an honour to be the 48HFP Machinima Producer, and I hope to have contributed my best, for machinima. A contest always has only one winner, but by entering this - in my opinion best-film-contest-available - project, everybody is a winner. We learned a lot, worked hard, and will continue to grow.

Thanks to sponsors and volunteers, jury, organisation and audience, the 48 Hour Film Project Machinima 2010 was awesome!

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful festival, and hoping this event continues to grow. -Kate