Friday, November 20, 2009

Atopic Festival 2009 - grande succes

I was more then pleased to hear that my machinima "The body is Obsolete" has won one of the 3 audience awards at the Atopic Festival in Paris.

This festival showed how machinima is contributing to the world. More then 5000 visitors attended, and the private evening dedicated to Machinima of November 2nd in the Geode was a success. 350 persons attended the projection of the Machinima ‘VolaVola " of Berardo Carboni and 3 films selected by the public and the selection committee : L'Hôtel of Benjamin Nuel, Clockwork of Ian Friar, The Body is Obsolete of Chantal Harvey.

A good media coverage allowed to inform a wide international public (the press review is in progress). Soon the pictures and videos of the festival will be shown on this website

The Human Atopic Space association, the organizer and the producer of the Atopic Festival 2009, continues its missions of production, diffusion and artists accompaniment.

For more information about the association:

The exploration of the virtual worlds continues. Atopic 2010 will be an exhibition, performances, conferences and Machinima film festival !
It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of this, will most definate visit in 2010.

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