Saturday, November 14, 2009

the 48 Hour Film Project for machinima

Hey i have just read this post, by Byxil Shuftan:

Sort of sums it up!
We had a great event, screened the 9 films twice. Such fun, and when it came to the awards, tension grew.

Best film is * Ring of false god - Team Clark
Runner up is * What of the baker - Team Rediculous Sandwich Studios

Best Directing Team Clark
Best Writing Team Clark
Best Acting Rediculous Sandwich Studios
Best Editing Team Clark
Best Cinematography Team Clark
Best Sound Design Team Sound’r
Best Use of Character Team Machinimatrix
Best Use of Prop Team Sound’r
Best Use of Line Team Ideajuice
Best atmosphere Team Ciscovan
Best Musical Score Team Sound’r
Best Costumes Team Machinimatrix

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