Monday, February 1, 2010

MMIF participants known

The MMIF 2010 now has 52 machinima's entered by...52 machinimatographers. will keep you updated.

A very warm welcome to:

Gala Charron/Tamara Russell
Lainy Voom/Trace Sanderson
Fort Knight
Bryn Oh
Rohan Fermi/C.D.Schulz
Toxic Menges
Phaylen Fairchild
Pooky Amsterdam & Russell(Rosco)Boyd
CodeWarrior Carling
Graham Miami
Kronos Kirkorian
Osprey Therian/Vivian Kendall
SafeMe Oh
Evie Fairchild
Chatnoir Studios
Pyewacket Bellman
Dulci Parx
Rysan Fall
Penumbra Carter
Rocksea Renegade
Cisko Vandeverre
Nitwacket - Pyewacket Bellman
Chantal Harvey
Lowe Runo
Pia Klaar
Halden Beaumont/Hugo de Almeida
Binary Quandry
Kolor Fall/Patrick Faith
spyVspy Aeon
Lizsolo Mathilde
Delgado Cinquetti
L1aura Loire/Lori Landay
Iono Allen
Pyewacket Kazyanenko
Luca Lisci/Vive Voom
Tara Yeats
Lorin Tone
IceAxe Alphaville/Ian Friar
Osprey Therian
Poid Mahovlich
Xineohp Guisse
Colemarie Soleil
Hadji Ling/Miguel Moreira
Beans Canning/Kate Fosk
Gtoon Jun/Ricky Grove
Tutsy Navarathna
Al Perez
Miles Eleventhauer/Gene Williams
Chaffro Schoonmaker
Paisley Beebe
Draxtor Despres/Bernard Drax
Larkworthy Antfarm


  1. Thankyou for inviting me Chantal Im honoured to included among an incredible group or Artists. Congratulations to all of you. Paisley

  2. SaveMe Oh please and not SAFEME OH.

  3. Great Chantal :D one step from mankind a huge step for machinima :D yay

  4. I have the honor to volunteer and help out!