Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3,000 dollar machinima contest


Digital filmmakers chase big money today as Tom Papas and Chantal Harvey, producers of 48machinima, announce the largest cash prize for a Machinima competition.

International filmmakers will be united with the single purpose of completing a short Machinima film in just 48 hours.

Through the manipulation of computer based technology Machinima forms a film medium that combines animation and game development, allowing filmmakers to create animated films in a virtual 3D environment. Unlike other forms of film Machinima is widely accessed by the online, international gaming community.

This March, Machinima enthusiasts around the world will work furiously from 7pm on Friday the 30th of March until 7pm on Sunday the 1st of April. Each team will write, edit and shoot a short film, assisted only by a designated character, prop, and line of dialogue.

As the project can be accessed globally online, expectations are set high with a $3000 first place cash prize raising the stakes. 48machinima will be hosted in Australia in partnership with the Casula Powerhouse which will sponsor both cash prizes. The local prize of $1000, however, will be open exclusively to the South Western Sydney Region Machinima market. However, regardless of the cash prize incentives, all participants work towards the production of a successful film that will be screened at the International Filmapalooza held in L.A. 2013, which will mark the opportunity for screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

For those eager filmmakers who are interested in participating, the 48machinima team registration fee is $48. Participants can register at http://48hourfilm.com/machinima/
With a hope to inspire international talent the 48 Hour Festival established 48machinima as an international film competition that will take place in over 100 cities around the world.

Resembling film within the new medium of a computer game, 48machinima will exhaust both artistic and cultural talent within a 48 hour time frame. The genre’s convergence of filmmaking, animation and game development should allow room for a broad range of results, uniting international participants with its singular 48 hour time constraint.

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