Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project48Machinima 2012 has 3 timezones you can enter

The Project48Machinima has set up 3 timezones you can choose from, when you enter this awesome competition.

Previous years, we stuck to the 7 pm on Fridaynight, as the kicked off time.
In 2012, we will do just that - but as Machinima is an International Virtual City - we are making it a bit easier for filmmakers around the world to enter.

The timezones you can choose from are:

USA - PAC/PDT (San Francisco)
Australia - EDT (Sydney)
Europe - CET (Amsterdam)

World Clock

And yes, we know that Machinima is happening during the weekend that summertime kicks in, we are sticking to the name of the game: you have 48 hours to make a movie.

Chantal Harvey and Tom Papas

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