Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MoM June 2011 machinima's

The Month of Machinima for June 2011 kick off went well, thanks to all that came to watch the films.
For those that want to go and see the films inworld, the theater is here:

There is a MoM YouTube account that shows all machinima's that were in the MoM theater, from every month.

These are the 14 machinima's that were included in MoM June:

Laslopnatomik Yao :Bibdui Babenco 31-08-09 Poetic DJ

Rocksea Renegade : Virtual & Reality

Pesto Portland : Beyond Insilico

Muk Dumpling : Muks Home Movies Reel 1

Termin Planer : Worst Trip to Second Life

Rick Garnburg : Hit The Beat

Bay Sweetwater : Domo arigato, Roboto-san (Thank-you, Mr. Robot)

Sierra Larsen : Somewhere Else

Phaylen Fairchild : Harbinger, the trailer

BobE Schism : Love is Sometimes Colder Than Ice

Mimesis Monday Rise and Dust

Sophia Yates : Magical Glorious Morn

Toxic Menges : Петро́вский флюс (a Petrovsky flux)

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