Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MachinimaMondays Camera system paramparamm Papp

MachinimaMondays had a special guest on Monday 27th of June (2011) - paramparamm Papp presented his new Camera System during the 7 pm session.


Special offer included at the end of the hour!

Chantal Harvey: welcome everybody, param is presenting his new camera system

Mary Wickentower: dusty box
Mary Wickentower: sneezes
Penumbra Carter: you need a blanket to sit on Mary:)
Spiral the Curiously Odd (spiral.silverstar): hi all
Penumbra Carter: WHIMP!
Friday Siamendes: good evening or morning or whatever it is where you are
Heineken Beer: Have a cold Heineken, Mary Wickentower! Cheers! Proost!
miles.eleventhauer: we're on crates tonight?..where are the couches??
Friday Siamendes: my butt already hurts
Heineken : Gotta love that Dutch beer, Mary Wickentower!
Jjccc ™ (jjccc.coronet): sold the furniture to pay off chantels vodka habbit
miles.eleventhauer: at least let me sit under the hair dryer...
Almo Schumann: My crate broke.
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): hurro!
Penumbra Carter: thinks it is the robot:) - formally known as chantal
Spiral the Curiously Odd (spiral.silverstar): omg
Bubblepop Unplugged: lol
Penumbra Carter: av pileup!
Mary Wickentower: pffffffft

Chantal Harvey: i suggest we let param explain the camera system, and then ask questions?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): hello everybody! :)

paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): so.. i will start with...
o my I dont even know where to start... Lorin Tone (you guys must have heard of him) was working on a project..
its a machinimatization of Eric Whitaker's Godzilla Eats Las Vegas
At the time he was hoping for a live performance
and he needed to make sure ppl would be looking at the spots where the action is happening..
and not where the actors and stage crew are building the next scene..
the original idea was to make a rotating auditorium that would face the action.
But then i told him if the audience was already sitting, we can control their cameras.
some of you probably know this already.
and worked with gadgets that use this feature
my gadget was specially designed for the live performance..
so it can hold more presets than the average camera huds
all just a click away
i'll rez a model

Jjccc ™ (jjccc.coronet): how long have you worked on this
miles.eleventhauer: ...are these crates loaded?
Matthew Kidomen: are each number a preset?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): you move around your camera, save camera positions and then you can recall those positions
or just sit on these rigged boxes and hit ESC
thats how the hud looks like
if you hit esc on the boxes, you can experience the second main feature of this hud
you will see the angles i am showing you
for those not sitting...
i will now rez a attachment type receiver vendor thingy
just click that thing and you'll get the attachment..
it goes to hud too, the on/off button shows whether its on or off (duh) and the antenna button below it shows if it received data or not
Hypatia Pickens: Looks like a green activated hud attachment
Hypatia Pickens: Do you wear it or rez it?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): wear
so basically this is it.
on the big hud
Bubblepop Unplugged: so far, all i can figure out, is theres this HUD that has something to do with machinima.
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): red buttons are unassigned, if you click one, it remembers your actual camera position and becomes green
if you click another one it goes yellow (to show it has stored data)
Penumbra Carter: ohh excellent!
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): the connection between the hud and machinima is..
that you can switch camera angles in real time
Graycon Sonata: wow
Friday Siamendes: so i assume an angle and click a ball thingie and it becomes the button for that angle?
you dont need to shoot a scene again and again from different angles
but you can of course.
Penumbra Carter: this just saves time, set up time
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): and can return to the same angles with a click, dont need to move your camera manually
Graycon Sonata: it really is a time saver
Ecsedi Deluxe: oh wow
Hypatia Pickens: Do I assume it with the cam controls? with my space navigator? with walking around?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): as i heard it doesnt work well together with a navigator. i myself cant confirm that because i don't have one
Friday Siamendes: ok let me disable my nav
Chantal Harvey: the navigator takes over the settings, so dont use that
Matthew Kidomen: I am using a nav and it is working fine
Matthew Kidomen: this would be great for filming a conversation between two people
Chantal Harvey: yes, and for a play
Chantal Harvey: or...movie
Matthew Kidomen: concert, especially known fixed locations
Matthew Kidomen: oh yes
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): so i do not know what will happen if you are camming with a navigator and try to save camera positions then. or recall them.
Penumbra Carter: is it ike you set up the angles and when your filming you type in what # angle you wnat to use while filming?
Mary Wickentower: so red dots means unassigned , green dots means assigned and what are yellow dots?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): but if you just focus and zoom in the way mortals do (alt-click)
you can set your camera angles easily
Bubblepop Unplugged: wait, wouldnt a hud cover the screen? can it be used while filming?

paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): you can hide your hud objects
Hypatia Pickens: but then you need to find them to change them
Bubblepop Unplugged: but if its "hidden', how would i use it?
Spiral the Curiously Odd (spiral.silverstar): if it is hidden, how do you change views?
Almo Schumann: So one person films and one person switches.
Matthew Kidomen: one person control the angles as the other film

paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): oh i forgot to mention.. i added a few sample gestures..
you can extend them to any buttons you'd like
in some viewers, thats more than just the function keys
Matthew Kidomen: so you could set up facial expressions
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): AND...
if you do wanna keep SOME hud elements
Spiral the Curiously Odd (spiral.silverstar): so, you can set up your Own "Hot Keys?"
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): like... i know there are some frames and stuff out there
Penumbra Carter: you have to hit escape when its green?
Penumbra Carter: to get the different camera angles going on
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): then you can just edit the hud out of your screen and use the gestures
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): hitting escape returns your camera to its default position... i mean.. unfocused state..
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): ... and thats when a script can take over control.
Hypatia Pickens: full instructions in writing would be good.
Evie Fairchild: In English. :)
Hypatia Pickens: He's speaking English... (smiles)
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): i included a manual with the system and after this presentation you will all have the chance to get it
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): and even experiment with it.. as much as lag allows.. because...
these boxes youre sitting on are set to accept camera data from anyone
Penumbra Carter: ahhh

Friday Siamendes: so how do i put cam data in a box so to speak?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): if you want to use the system in a live performance tho, you would want to make it more secure..
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): and you can.
Ecsedi Deluxe: looks down at box, and taps
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): you can change the channel it listens for the data from the hud, and can set up a list of allowed controllers (avatar names) or set it to owner only
Chantal Harvey: there is a pro and a light version, right?
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): for now, i will set a vendor just for you guys and you can pay as much or as less as you think its worth to you....
Penumbra Carter: wow , that is generous Para!
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): at the moment i am still unsure about how to set the price on the market..
Chantal Harvey: paramm is doing us a big favor, lets not pay him less than 100 ld please
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): i dont want it to be too expensive, you know
Friday Siamendes: now we'll all look at each other and go "how much are you . . ."
Spiral the Curiously Odd (spiral.silverstar): rofl
Ecsedi Deluxe: bites lip
Hypatia Pickens: LOL
Hypatia Pickens: it looks like you put a lot of work into this
Penumbra Carter: I have worked, experimented with a few less sophistacated, this looks great
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): so if you think you would like to play and experiment with it, just pay it something :)
you can attach and edit and drag contents to your inventory
Chantal Harvey: this is a great offer, param
Chantal Harvey: is there a manual with it, param?
Friday Siamendes: seriously a very basic manual for the slow
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): i will try to use your paid amounts to set my price, you guys must know more precisely whats this worth.
Penumbra Carter: I do have a sense for how well this is going to work, with some experimenting
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): Chantal, yes, there is a manual.. i am still waiting for th e japanese translation that i want to include and couldnt finish my packaging for the item so the one you get it in is not final.
(my default packaging for my stuff looks like these boxes here)
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): yes english manual is in there
Chantal Harvey: i d suggest that if you like the system, tell ppl about it
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): it doesnt have an update feature, and i really hope i cleared it from bugs..
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): i had to do all the testing myself
but if you find something that doesnt seem to work right just tell me and i'll bring an update
Chantal Harvey: hey param, how about setting it for sale on my sim here
Chantal Harvey: i have 2 vendors already in the corner
Chantal Harvey: that way ppl can find it
paramparamm (paramparamm.papp): sure. as soon as i have the full package we can set it up here. that would be lovely!

Friday Siamendes: *stares uncomprehendingly at exotic new possession*
Graceful Aeon Schumann (graceful.aeon) waves bye all around

If you are interested in this system, please contact paramparamm.papp inworld.
My suggestion: Join the MachinimaMondays group and ask param if he wants to sell you a system.
It will be for sale soon! – I will let param set up a vendor at my sim, as I am grateful that the cam was presented first at our group!


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