Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the mamachinima international festival 2010.

After a succesful start in 2009, we can now state that the MMIF is here to stay!

Looking back with fond feelings on the MMIF 2009, starting on one sim that was filled with 98 avatars for over 6 hours - trying to watch 43 films, people arriving 5 hours early ánd a group of griefers that sat down and watched the films with us - what can I say, those that managed to attend will agree with me: we were there and wrote history! You can tell your children and grandchildren: I WAS THERE !

My one and only goal with the MMIF is to create a serious platform for machinima, a festival in which we can show our best work and share it with the world. I believe in machinima, and I believe that the MMIF brought us machinimatograpers closer together, and created a community. Machinima is conquering the world rapidly, the regular festivals are embracing machinima, discovering us - and for what we are, we are...pioneers. The MMIF is claiming its place amongst the festivals of the world! MMIF2010 slots were filled within a week, and the day set for the MMIF2011 is: February 19, 2011 - so write that date down and keep an eye on - the website that keeps us all up to date. Thank you, Ze Moo, for all your work. I want to welcome Amsterdam !! This is - of course - a mixed reality event, and apart from Second Life and Amsterdam Planetart joining forces, this festival is streamed on the internet. I special word of thanks for Malburns Writer and AviewTV's LaPiscean Liberty! Many people volunteered their time and best skills, and Lindenlab sponsored these 4 wonderful sims, and the build you see is done by Emily Hifeng and Claus Uriza - the Pop Art Lab people that organised the afterparty too! Please go to for details about the stream and live images of Amsterdam venue. A special word of thanks to security and operators, and V-Max for the wonderful video-caleidoscope above the sims. Warm thanks to Judi Newall, TributeTim Kwak, Jessica Lyon, Sophia Yates, without you guys I could not have done this.
Before we start with the first film, I want to explain how we will run this festival. Each hour is hosted and operated by different machinima people, each giving their own touch to this event. Your hosts of the evening are: Blue Linden, Toxic Menges, Pooky Amsterdam, Rysan Fall, Draxtor Despres, Poid Mahovlich, Paisley Beebe, Evie Fairchild, CodeWarrior Carling, Lauren Weyland, Phaylen Fairchild. The hosts will use voice, and invite the filmers on stage when their film starts. Feel free to use chat (thank you Chase Marellan for installing chatbridge) - please do not use voice or noisy gestures. Contact the concierges for questions. Download quicktime if you cannot see the films, for this to work you have to log out of SL first - so hurry hurry and come back. Toggle your video player before you contact the concierges for help. Concierges are: Diana Renoir, Ronon Carver and Menolly Riederer.
After the festival, all films and introductions will go on a MMIF2010 playlist on:
- and will be shown inworld at several locations, which i will showcase in my picks in profile, and in my blog.
A warm word of thanks to all the people that made this festival into what it is:
the machinima festival that brings us all together!
So without any further to do: I give the microphone to Blue Linden and Toxic Menges, who will now start the MMIF2010!!!

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