Saturday, February 21, 2009

Press release on 2009-02-20, on MMIF

PLANETART presents:

MMIF 2009
Ma Machinima International Festival

'MMIF 2009' is the first edition of an annual global film festival in cyberspace and simultiously in Amsterdam (NL). In Amsterdam MMIF 2009 will happen at the very last day of the 'Dadamachinima' media-art exhibition, which opened in december 2008.

MMIF 2009 is a celebration of machinima: a new cinematic art form, created with virtual worlds and online computer games. All the actors
(avatars) are individually operated real-time by real people while moviescenes are directed and recorded. On 3D web platforms like Second Life, directors can even build their own movie sets for relatively low costs. MMIF 2009 aims to bring machinima to a wider audience, online and offline.

At MMIF 2009 over forty short machinima videos from all over the world are screened. MMIF 2009 aims to bring this revolution in moviemaking to a wider audience, online and offline.

At the MaMAchinima Theatre in Second Life, the artists and directors from many countries will be present in real time to talk about their creations. And to meet other machinimatographers and an international audience online.

The audience in Amsterdam can view the machinima films live via Second Life on an big screen at the auditorium of the PLANETART art space.
Free wireless internet and electricity is provided for audience laptops.

Thu-fri-sat: 14:00-17:00

MMIF 2009
28 february
20:00 CET (= SL 1 pm PST) - Machinima screenings 04:00 CET (= SL 7 pm PST) - After party


Wibautstraat 150,
1091 GR Amsterdam (NL)

MaMAchinima Theatre
Second Life

Programme, artists and more info updated daily at the festival blog:


E=mail: Chantal Harvey (Mamachinima)

Viola van Alphen (PLANETART)

MMIF 2009 is a collaboration of MaMachinima, Meta.Live.Nu, RastaOpen Sims and PLANETART

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