Monday, February 9, 2009

More entries !

More and more join the MMIF, the festival is already a massive celebration. Looking at the account on Youtube, it makes me happy and humble, so many good machinima's showing already. And, it is a growing thing.

14 online now, and more promising to upload.

And, the one and only Pavl Duke is working on some special video gadgets, which I will be sharing freely with you all during the festival!

the List so far -
Lainy Voom
Pyewacket Bellman
CodeWarrior Carling
Rocksea Renegade
Cisko Vandeverre
Ideajuice Team
Chantal Harvey
Toxic Menges
Dizzy Banjo & Poid
Fau Ferdinand
Osprey Therian
Sail Away Project
Lowe Runo
Evie Fairchild
Cecil Hirvi
Jam Tuqiri
Larkworthy Antfarm
Shaman Nitely
Susi Spicoli

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