Thursday, May 5, 2011

MoM - May 4, 2011, the LEA kick off event

Thirteen 3-minute shorts were selected for this first Month of Machinima, which is a monthly screening of the best of Second Life machinima, as a showcase for machinima in the LEA Theater.

For the kickoff, there was no set theme – but from now on there will be a theme every new month.

The machinima’s are included on a playlist on the Monthofmachinima You Tube account.
MoM has its own promo too.

The names of the 13 filmers and their work:

Crap Mariner: Oscar Goldberg Speaks Out
Toxic Menges: Without Words
Steff Ling: Coloured Pencils
Daveypup Nirpaw: Karma Kong
Ok Tigerpaw: Toxing
Draxtor Despres: Oh boy, what a MESH
Rocksea Renegade: Dreamer’s Journey
Frankie Rockett: Nighthawks
NasosPsarris Portal: Paradox 34
Ole Etzel: The Disease: Outbreak in Here
Osprey Therian: Attack of the Robots
Penumbra Carter: The Unkempt Hair of the Dead
Hypatia Pickens: To Inhabit a House of Uneasy Chairs

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  1. these are all so much fun to watch. Thanks to the creators and special thanks to my dear friend Chantal