Saturday, April 2, 2011

MMIF update -

MaMachinima International Festival is an annual social mixed media event, that intends to provide a platform for the very best machinima of our era. The MMIF is a festival for the art of machinima. Not a contest, no awards, but an excellent way of sharing your machinima with a global community.

Machinimatographers of all virtual world platforms, games and engines are invited to submit their best work. Instructions for participating by submmiting your machinima here:

Deadline for machinima submissions is: MAY 1st, 2011.

The MMIF was initiated in 2009 by Dutch machinimatographer Chantal Harvey, aiming to create a community of machinimatographers around the world.
The festival is screened simultanuously in Amsterdam, The Neterlands), virtual world Second Life® and live on the web.

Machinimatographers are invited to come to Amsterdam and/or to Second Life®, and will be provided with the opportunity to answer questions, to talk about their work, with a worldwide audience.

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