Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moviestorm joins forces with 48HFP machinima!

I am proud to announce that Moviestorm has joined the 48HFP machinima project as a sponsor, and is offering prizes for éverybody entering the contest, and a bonus prize for éach member of the winning team.

The prizes that Moviestorm offers are:

# For the winner of the machinima section: one year subscription to Moviestorm, plus a license to all Moviestorm content packs (excludes the audio packs) for each member of the team.
# A coupon for a free month sub to Moviestorm to everyone who enters the contest.

Moviestorm is the virtual movie studio for everybody. No matter what genre you will draw during the 48 Hour Film Project machinima, Moviestorm makes it fast and easy to make your films, your way.

Both winners from 2008 ánd 2009 used Moviestorm to create their machinima:

Medieval Dating - The Adventures of Luke and Joe
Ring of False God - Jorge Campos & Matthew Hahn

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