Wednesday, July 14, 2010

updates on the 48HFP for machinima 2010

Today, Twinity ~ ~has joined forces with the 48 Hour Film project for machinima.
All 48HFP machinima entries will be screened in Twinity too, after the contest - so many more people will be connected and see your work.We are hoping for many Twinity machinimatographers to join the contest!
Welcome Twinity!

Please join the 48 Hour Film Project group in Second Life, to get all updates and extra information.
To join Second Life (it is free) you go to:
After creating an account and downloading the client, take a little time to explore, and please contact Chantal Harvey inworld, I will be happy to give a little tour and show you the theatre where the contest is hosted.(see images above).

The actual events are all held in Second life :
Some dates to remember: (all times are sl/pacific times.

September 14: Meet and greet the 48HFP teams - 3 pm
September 17: Kickoff event at 5 pm, genres/prop/line/character handout and start of contest
September 19: Dropoff event at 5 pm, end of contest is 6.30 pm
September 23: Screening of the films and winners announced

And, keep an eye on this blog, follow us on twitter:

Chantal Harvey
Machinima Producer 48 Hour Film Project

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