Sunday, March 8, 2009

Festival was a huge succes

the MMIF festival on Feb.28, 2009, was a huge succes. Nearly all machinima makers attended, some with their crew and cast, and many friends came. Tim raised the sim limit to 100 - and 99 came! So, no idea why people were complaining that they couldnt get in (lol). For a full 6 hours, the sim was busy. Opening was done by Lauren Weyland, and yours truly.

Each hour was hosted by celebs from machinima-society, who joined me on stage:
* Lauren Weyland
* Judi Newall
* Evie Fairchaild
* Poid Mahovlich and Dizzy Banjo
* Rafale Kamachi
* Phaylen Fairchild

Some Lindens came, and machinimatographors from all over the world celebrated each and every film. Asking questions, sharing - All I ever intended to do with this festival is creating a strong machinima community - as it is a lonely occupation... So: we succeeded i believe. Since the festival, several projects started amongst filmmakers.

The real life part rocked - as hard we did in Second Life: the PlanetArt building in Amsterdam was packed! Ze Moo and Starshine Halasy showed us images of the loaction tru a connected webcam, so yes - sl was watching rl! Big virtual brother was watching, and all the machinima s were watched in rl too. They were excited about the quality of the machinima s shown. Some were done in Halflife, some in Poser and Iclone, most in Second Life. Such quality!
And, how different are our approaches.

It was busy, so busy that I never noticed that a bunch of griefers came to the filmplot - and heard afterwards that they came - sat down - and watched the films. LOL! That, summons the event.

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