Saturday, November 6, 2010

Machinima Premiere StartMeUp

Since the University of Western Australia (UWA) has made me the offer I couldnt refuse - I am the manager of their wonderful UWA-Bosl Theater, I have been brooding on how to give this venue the best possible purpose.

The idea is this: contact me if you have a machinima you want to premiere, and we will talk about date/time/pr and ideas on how to present your work. I am looking for new ways to present, but of course a voice presentation by you and your team, or music to support it, or a contest to go with it, are welcome.

And it is with pride that I announce the first in a series of machinima premieres in Second Life.
Tonight, at 5 pm Pacific time/SL time, I am giving the floor to miss Phaylen Fairchild, who will be presenting her new film Harbinger.

Premiere: HARBINGER, a machinima by Phaylen Fairchild
When: November 6, 2010 – (is there a better way to spend your Saturday night?)
Time: 5 pm SL/Pacific time
Where: UWA-BOSL theater in Second Life
What: Watch the trailer here

☠ are your nerves strong enough to watch this movie ?? ☠

Contest: Scariest avatar in the audience wins a role in a future Phaylen Fairchild Production!
Eternal fame could be yours………

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