Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chatlog MachinimaMondays on Coded Movies with Ataro Asbrink

On monday November 28, MachinimaMondays group in Second Life had a fieldtrip!
Ataro Asbrink had contacted me and invited the group to come over.

Before posting the chatlog, I want to pass on what Ataro told me: if people have questions, tell them to contact me inworld.

Chat at MaMo:

Welcome to LEA4, everyone. This is the art exhibition InterACT!

Chantal Harvey: welcome everybody

Pamila Tiponi: ty laura

Ataro Asbrink: i dont have sound atm

Friday Siamendes: every so often i hear a voice briefly

L1Aura Loire: If you make machinima of any installation here, or set here, I'll put it on a cool machinima viewer as part of the exhibition.

Chantal Harvey: geo, can you record it while streaming?

Pamila Tiponi: tyy

Geo Meek: if we got voice working

Geo Meek: yes

Friday Siamendes: how do i shut off Rock 6? it keeps asking me for permission to control my camera

Friday Siamendes: ok thanks

Reseting script...

Ataro Asbrink: i think we should all have seen the movie samples

Geo Meek: stream is here

Ataro Asbrink: then we can talk

Ze Moo: great music here

Ambrosia Lanley: is there a link for teh samples

Ze Moo: is that part of the show?

Friday Siamendes: phone commercial playing now . . .

Ze Moo: Cool Geo: i will put that fulls screen on my second screen

Matthew Kidomen: I have a computer commercial playing

LEA InterAct! Coded Movie Examples: Reseting script...

Friday Siamendes: what should happen when i sit on the rock?

Matthew Kidomen: can more than one person sit on a rock?

Matthew Kidomen: pose ball? dancing?

Friday Siamendes: i got a menu, what should happen? I get a message from the rock every second, i have received probably 200 so far

Sculpted Rock 6: Reseting script...

Ataro Asbrink: has anyone seen the movies yet?

Friday Siamendes: someone else please sit on Rock 6, maybe it will leave me alone LOL

Friday Siamendes: maybe the rock likes you better Ambrosia

Jackie Lefko: no

Matthew Kidomen: I am watching us on LiveStream, watch each other, watch Live Stream

Ambrosia Lanley: gave me a menu and have no idea what to click chose overview

Ataro Asbrink: i think we should use this one rock in front of the cineama, after the other, i am sorry

Ataro Asbrink: this works here

Gridjumper: does someone need a rock?

Gridjumper: if someone wants a turn

Ataro Asbrink: leave the script with EXIT pls

Ataro Asbrink: not just standing up

Pamila Tiponi: is nice...

Matthew Kidomen: Hey!

Ataro Asbrink: why not chat?

Matthew Kidomen: haha, I watched my self wave to myself. haha

Ze Moo: what draw distance is needed?

Matthew Kidomen: slow mirror

Ataro Asbrink: draw distance 160 m

Ataro Asbrink: its in the menu

Ze Moo: ok

Ataro Asbrink: pls read it, lol

Ambrosia Lanley: ok I hit escape got a nice white secreen

Ataro Asbrink: i dont hear voices

Ataro Asbrink: are you all watching? lol

Jackie Lefko: yes

Ambrosia Lanley: do you have a link to see this maybe ill try that

Jnix Fallon: no menu for me

Matthew Kidomen: the pictures are in my mind.

Ze Moo: its great Ataro! Awesome!

Ambrosia Lanley: matt has crayons he could draw us a picture

Ataro Asbrink: thx moo!

Ze Moo Ze Moo impressed!

L1Aura Loire: It's very cool, and has so many possibilities.

Ataro Asbrink: we should have tried this before with some people, so much scripts at the same time seems to be a problem

Gridjumper: ok so how do you do it?

Matthew Kidomen: who is controling the LiveStream camera?

L1Aura Loire: which viewer are you on?

Ze Moo: Geo

Ze Moo: Matthew: Geo Meek = livestream

Ambrosia Lanley: someone try rock 6

Ambrosia Lanley: I got zip

Matthew Kidomen: did you say, "Zim, Zim, Zola, Bim?"

Matthew Kidomen: special magic code

Jackie Lefko: we hear you

Ze Moo: it is Simulatorsalabim

Ze Moo: ,0

L1Aura Loire:

Ze Moo: Macodema

Ataro Asbrink: lets make it in chat

L1Aura Loire: good

Ataro Asbrink: has anybody questions?

Chantal Harvey: yes, how do you do it

Chantal Harvey: is it with computer scripted language

Chantal Harvey: could we learn how to do that

Ataro Asbrink: yes with LSL

[Chantal Harvey: what is lsl

Pamila Tiponi: what scrips are use

Pamila Tiponi: for this

Ataro Asbrink: i can stop the running script, but i dont know who is watching, who needs help?

Pamila Tiponi: what language

Ze Moo: What is for you the main reasons you developed this Ataro? What does it gain for you from traditional video?

L1Aura Loire: Ataro has written these scripts himself.

Pamila Tiponi: what language javascript?

L1Aura Loire: LSL=Linden Scripting Language

Pamila Tiponi: ooh ok linden ones

Ataro Asbrink: I am just stopping the scripts in the rocks

L1Aura Loire: Ze's question is a good one--copying here so you can see it:

Ze Moo: What is for you the main reasons you developed this Ataro? What does it gain for you from traditional video?

Pamila Tiponi: smooth

Gridjumper: can you give an example of what the script looks like

Gridjumper: how many lines of code per minute of show?

Ataro Asbrink: just a moment...

L1Aura Loire: Here:

L1Aura Loire: It looks like this:

Cameraview(<70.915138, 76.942871, 20.937574>,<71.239334, 78.342018, 20.945393> ); //Regional coordinates

llSleep(6.0); //

L1Aura Loire: that is what I didn't want to read out loud!

Ze Moo: hey Pye! I cant see you but, please sit on a rock!

Ataro Asbrink: can you pls sit ion the stools, i delete thew rocks

Ze Moo: draw distance 160m

Gridjumper: ok so that line of code will give how mauch image and for how long?

Ze Moo: i am still in the Overview. how can i see myself?

Ataro Asbrink: yes

Ataro Asbrink: its really easy if you have understood it

L1Aura Loire: How about I return the rocks to you and you tell the people about your cool thing here?

Ataro Asbrink: just the coordinates of your camera and the direction

Ataro Asbrink: then you say llsleep etc in seconds and you see a scene

NicoleX Moonwall: that is a big IF for me

Geo Meek: seems i lost voice

Ataro Asbrink: first you have to have permission to use the camera, then you go

L1Aura Loire: no one is using voice right now--only text

Gridjumper: are there instructions for this posted someplace?

Ataro Asbrink: i leave only one rock with the script that will be better

Geo Meek: good thinking

Ataro Asbrink: instructions are in the menu after you sit on the rock

Friday Siamendes: this sounds really cool but after my traumatic experience with Rock 6 I have a Rock-sitting phobia

L1Aura Loire: I'll return the rest to you and you focus on the ideas behind what you're doing

Ataro Asbrink: haha

Geo Meek: i did post to

Geo Meek:

Ataro Asbrink: ok L1

L1Aura Loire: so if you're sitting on a rock, please rise

Ze Moo: And how is this different from the system Diabolus Carp uses for their live shows of The Wall and Metropolis?

Ze Moo: or would you call that coded movie' as well'

Geo Meek: i like it live but thats just me

Ataro Asbrink: the carp shows are performances, you can only see it at special times, this movies you can see everytime, when you want

Ze Moo: 'coded movie' hmm i wil try think of a better word maybe

Friday Siamendes: yes do NOT stand up

Geo Meek: may need to relog

Ze Moo: aha so Carp is 'coded theatre'? .)

Ataro Asbrink: now there is one rock left, problems are over i think

L1Aura Loire: It is a different way of thinking about "movie." Or camera-experience. It's exciting.

Ataro Asbrink: yes, carp is coded theatre

Ataro Asbrink: wonderful theatre

Ataro Asbrink: i like that

Ze Moo: yes i also like live performances a lot, because it has an interaction opening with the audience

Ataro Asbrink: but its not movie

Geo Meek: most of the AV's here are in this video

Ze Moo: what do you mean Ataro ? not movie??

Ataro Asbrink: movie is when you use the language of film used since griffith

Geo Meek: my work is just video capture

Ze Moo: weren't movies originally called moving pictures?

Ataro Asbrink: oh, thank you Geo, wonderful

Geo Meek: do visit me in Caleta there is a live link running on the ticker

Ze Moo: yes 'movie' is just abreviation of 'moving pictures' afaik

Ze Moo: the whole SL experience is kind of an individualized interactive 'movie' imho

L1Aura Loire: The menu gives choices, but they are limited, too, so for me it is a dance between what I can choose and what I cannot. And by taking out editing, making the experience of the movie -- yes--what Ze said--it takes that part of the SL and makes it more so, with a menu, specific camera views.

also i always said 'SL is the ultimate most real interactive live tele vision untill now'

Ze Moo: .)

L1Aura Loire: Maybe "virtual movie" is a better name than coded movie?

Ataro Asbrink: you can see the movies on the rock in front of the cinema

Ze Moo: no i dont like that Laura

Ze Moo: all movies are kind of 'virtual'

L1Aura Loire: then it is your turn to come up with a name!

Gridjumper: ok so the code works for a small set as you have here you move the camera within that set?

Pamila Tiponi: Code Directed movies

Ze Moo: yes i am thinkin

Ze Moo: good one Pam

Pamila Tiponi: ty

Ataro Asbrink: there are no frames anymore, you look right into sl-reality, thats virtual, dont you think zee?

Gridjumper: or can you have the camera move with the code to a very wide space?

Sorry late

Ataro Asbrink: somebody wrote that he could to the next sim with this

L1Aura Loire: could see into?

] Ataro Asbrink: but i think its not possible right now

Gridjumper: how long - how many lines of code per minute of movie?

Ze Moo:

Ataro: sure it is virtual, but 'virtual\ is so much more, not really defined

Ataro Asbrink: sections?

Ze Moo: Geo: your stream of us looks awesome!

Chantal Harvey: yes geo

Ataro Asbrink: yes it looks great

Chantal Harvey:

Ataro Asbrink: has someone NOT seen a movie on the rock, lol

L1Aura Loire: "Movie on the Rock"

Chantal Harvey: hehe

Ataro Asbrink: there is one rock left, you can watch there

Ataro Asbrink: maybe thats the name, haha

L1Aura Loire: yes :) although it will only make sense to us

Pamila Tiponi: are these codes also used in rl sercurity cams?

Ataro Asbrink: yes, hear you

pamila: could be, lol

Hypatia Pickens: I just lost her voice

Hypatia Pickens: completely

Pamila Tiponi: but then in other scripting languages

Hypatia Pickens: when I closed out the livestream on line

Chantal Harvey: the stream has her voice

Ataro Asbrink: yes, not in LSL

Ze Moo: Yes! i need this for my SL security cams! to see who has been rezzing graffiti on my skybox ! L1Aura Loire: it was me, Ze ;) I confess

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