Saturday, July 2, 2011

Themes for MoM - why?

Month of Machinima ---- MoM is set up to encourage and foster machinima-making by the Second Life community by providing a forum to screen excellent machinimas made - especially around the themes ---- new, fresh, short, art-focused machinima.

It aims to encourage filmmakers to make more machinima films, to try out new things, to experiment and play.
There are themes to give consistency to each month's group of machinima, so they are loosely grouped around something in common. Difference and diversity within themes is a must.
The idea of it being monthly was that it is ongoing; if this month's theme doesn't appeal, there will be another one next month.

Themes for 2011 are set, and we as LEA are working on creative themes for 2012 right now. If you see me inworld, send suggestions :-)

Theme for May 2011: None
Theme for June 2011: Mixed Reality (SL machinima has to be part of the mix)
Theme for July 2011: Games (games in SL, games people play, psychological games, etc.)
Theme for August 2011: Design and Architecture
Theme for September 2011: Seasons (in your life, the four seasons--get creative)
Theme for October 2011: Four elements
Theme for November 2011: SL Events
Theme for December 2011: Endings, conclusions

SL Art is your guideline in all submitted machinima. Be sure to creative and take care of copyrights.

Deadline for submitting is the 10th of the month

Every first Wednesday of the month at 10 am PST/SL time: opening event in Secondlife, in the MoM theater.

* Submit here

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