Saturday, March 31, 2012


Tony Dyson - Heading Judging Panel.
The man behind Star Wars R2-D2. The versatile Emmy nominated Film SFX supervisor is the creative genius at the helm of many of the biggest SCI-FI movies to date. Among them are Superman 2, Moon Raker, Dragon Slayer, and of course, The Empire Strikes Back. “Chev. Anthony John Dyson obss”

Sean Callinan - Head Teacher of Animation & Game Design - JMC Academy, Sydney Australia.

Paul Nunes - Is a 10 year film industry veteran currently Producer of feature film The 5th Shadow. He has Masters in Digital Media from COFA and is Sound Designer on Dystopia and Blade Symphony from Puny Human. Chris Howlett - Australian Contemporary Art,

Dan Graf - Master of Arts (Digital Media - Animation), Australian Film Television & Radio School, Bachelor of Creative Industries, Honours: Communication Design - Animation. Former Head of IGDA, Sydney Chapter. He will also make comments of each film.

Trace Sanderson - (aka Lainy Voom) – Award winning British Machinima Artist. Her work has been seen in art galleries and film festivals globally. It is her aim to promote machinima as an artform. She is joint creator of The Virtual Build Archive, which documents innovative and beautiful builds within the world of Second Life, as well as running a machinima arts magazine, The Fallopian.

Phaylen Fairchild - Filmmaker, Comedian, Screenwriter, Virtual Girl! – Machinima Producer, Writer, Director, Virtual World Community Initiatives Consultant, Podcaster and Blogger, Presentor.
Creator of the DiVAS machinima series, and movies like Harbinger -

Chantal Harvey
Tom Papas
Producers Project 48Machinima


  1. Great, great line up, Chantal! Congratulations and good luck to the festival this year.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.