Friday, February 17, 2012

The Project48machinima rules

The rules for 2012.

Instructions for your machinima submission for the 48HFP 2012

• QuickTime or AVI (QuickTime is preferred)
• Self-contained (that is, without references or links to other movie files)
• At least 720 pixels wide (1280 x 720 or even 1920 x 1080 is most often used)
• A 16:9 aspect ratio
• 25 fps - PAL
• If you're using QuickTime, you must use the H.264 or Sorenson 3 codec.
• If you're using AVI, you must use the Cinepak or DivX codec.

Upload to our FTP server:
• first download an FTP client, like Filezilla:
• Then go to our FTP server
• Team leaders will be provided with server details, username and password
• Test upload (strongly recommended as you can not only test format but also upload time) opportunity will be provided the Monday before the contest. We will provide feedback and help, of course.

To enter the contest, you must provide the Team Leaders agreement document at the kickoff (or before)
• Upload it to your FTP folder on our server – and please send an email to Chantal Harvey to confirm your upload.

To be in the contest you must:
Provide all other paperwork at the end of the contest, in your FTP folder - (with real names, not avatar/gamers names). If you don’t own a scanner; a clear photograph is acceptable too.
• Location release
• Materials release
• Music release
• Team roster
• Waiver and release forms actors
• Certification
• Wrap up Form

For information about the paperwork, go to our website.

The mayor change in 2012 is that machinima now only accepts PAL - your films will be screened at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney Australia - on the big screens.

To register your team, go HERE.