Monday, August 16, 2010

14 Teams today!!!!!

August 16: Only 10 slots open now for the 48 Hour Film Project machinima 2010.

The teams so far are:

Grey Matter Films, Penumbra Carter
Ideajuice Studios, Peter Patterson
Insomaniacs, MATTHEW HAHN
Jewell Theatre, Fake Jewell
Kamachinima Production, Ariane Dupleich
Machinimart, Gabe Salgado
Machinimatrix, Hussayn Dabbous
Metaverse Television, Dousa Dragonash
Pookymedia, Pooky Amsterdam
Running Lady Productions and Suzy's..., K. DaVette See
SiGer Team, Sigrid Sudi
SL 2 real, RL a game, Miriam Amelia Munoz
Sound'r, Andre Engelhardt
War Technica, Gabe Achanzar

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