Thursday, October 8, 2009

48 Hour Film Project - facts

To enter the 48 HFP for machinima, visit the website:

Good to know some of the facts:

* The event takes place 6 - 8 November 2009
* You and your team have exactly 48 hours to make a machinima.
* At the kick off event, you will be asked to choose a number.
* This number is hooked to a genre.......
* A prop, line of dialoge and a caracter are announced - must be included in the film
* You must be willing to fill in paperwork
* You must hold all rights to music, use of locations, etc etc
* Machinima's that meet the deadlines will be shown on the 48HFP site
* All shoots must be done within the given 48 hours
* Entering fee is .... 48 dollars
* Amongst the jury are the awesome Phil Rice and Lainy Voom
* Winning machinima will be screened rl in Las vegas 2010
* It is the most exciting event of the year?
* Contact for information
* Or contact Chantal Harvey at
* 12 teams entered already, dont wait - 24 slots total.

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