Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Annual Mamachinima Festival

The First Annual MaMachinima Festival - 2009.

Place: RastaOpen4 77, 87, 39 , Mamachinima Sim.
Date: February 28th 2009
Time: 1 pm sl time
Deadline for uploads: February 25th, 2009

Promo made by CodeWarrior Carling.
Sponsoring by Chantal Harvey.
Special collectors items handed out at the festival.


Machinima s are shown one by one, while the creators/crew stand on stage. After each film we stop and discuss the film, the creator telling about the making of the film, sharing, answering questions. We take our time and celebrate our films together with the audience.

For who:

All machinima’s are welcome to enter. World of Warcraft, Sims, Moviestorm, Halflife, Grand Theft, Second Life, we welcome you. Show us your world!


A special You Tube showcase is created, so all machinima’s are open for all to watch and enjoy. shows all entries, and will serve as a memento, something to remember it by. So get your work up there with the others and - write history!


To share, watch, enjoy, discuss and promote our machinima ‘s with the world. To celebrate machinima, and show each other what can be done.
So, not a contest, but a Celebration – all about enjoyment and love for the genre.
This being the first – implies a returning annual event, and for 2010 we aim to go RL.

Machinima makers:

Upload the film you want shown to the showcase Youtube account, contact Chantal Harvey for password - inworld or trough for full details.
Each machinima creator can enter 1 film, max size is 1 gig, length is 10 minutes. All copyrights must be held by the makers.
There are no rules as in genre and content ,but good taste is appreciated and rudeness not accepted. Chantal Harvey holds the sole right to ask the creator to remove a film from the AMF-account.

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